Crazy Horse Cabaret Show

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Just around the corner from the Champs-Élysées and the Eiffel Tower, this famous Parisian burlesque show is renowned for its glamorous spectacles and cabaret dancers. You'll enjoy a variety of elaborately choreographed routines performed by highly trained dancers wearing custom-made red-soled Louboutins and bob wigs.

Vì sao nên đến đây?

  • Entry to the famous cabaret show
  • Classically trained dancers perform sensual choreography
  • Spectacular sound and lighting effects

Điều bạn cần biết

The minimum age for alcohol consumption is 18 years old.

Children under 16 are not allowed to enter this venue.

Shorts and flip-flops are prohibited in the venue.

The Crazy Champagne Show includes a half bottle of champagne or two drinks per person.

Vị trí

12 avenue George V, Paris, 75008

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Giờ mở cửa

Thứ 220:3023:00
Thứ 320:3023:00
Thứ 420:3023:00
Thứ 520:3023:00
Thứ 620:3023:00
Thứ 719:0023:45
Chủ Nhật20:3023:00

Bao gồm những gì?

  • Entry/Admission
  • Show

Không bao gồm những gì?

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Tips

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Crazy Horse

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Crazy Champagne ticket

€ 127
Crazy Show ticket

€ 107