Choco-Story Chocolate Museum

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With over a thousand objects spanning three separate areas, this museum recounts the history of cocoa and chocolate through words, pictures and delicious flavours. An audio guide is available in eight languages, and kids will get an educational booklet with a treasure hunt to complete.

Vì sao nên đến đây?

  • Museum explains the fascinating history of chocolate
  • Includes an all-you-can eat chocolate tasting session
  • Chance to join chocolate-making workshops and live demonstrations from master chocolatiers

Điều bạn cần biết

Last admission is at 17:00.

Customers have a choice between 3 ticket types.

The Pack of Chocolate contains 500 grams of chocolate.

Vị trí

28 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, Paris, 75010

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Giờ mở cửa

Thứ 210:0018:00
Thứ 310:0018:00
Thứ 410:0018:00
Thứ 510:0018:00
Thứ 610:0018:00
Thứ 710:0018:00
Chủ Nhật10:0018:00

Cách đi đến đây

The nearest Metro station is Bonne Nouvelle, served by Lines 8 and 9.

Thời gian

Typically lasts around 90 minutes

Bao gồm những gì?

  • All you can eat chocolate
  • Meet professional our chocolatiers
  • Kid’s game booklet for children up to 12 years of age
  • Free audio guide to download on your phone

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Choco-Story The Chocolate Museum

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Chính sách hủy đặt phòng


Standard ticket


€ 12

(ages 6-12)

€ 8,50
Entrance + Pack of Chocolate


€ 21

(ages 6-12)

€ 17,50
Entrance + Cup of Hot Chocolate


€ 15

(ages 6-12)

€ 11,50