Lido de Paris - Paris Merveilles Show + Champagne

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82% מ- 11 חוות דעת

Indulge in the glitzy Parisian performance, 'Paris Merveilles' with this thrilling tribute to the City of Love. Watch flamboyantly dressed dancers and acrobats strut their stuff, while enjoying a complimentary half bottle of Champagne. A pre-show featuring 45 automated instruments begins at 20:30 (30 minutes before the main show).

סיבות לביקור

  • Tribute to Paris's extravaganza
  • Featuring the worldwide famous Bluebell Girls
  • Unique production including incredible scenes and costumes

חשוב לדעת

Photography and filming are prohibited.

Please note that the venue has a casual elegant dress code.


116 bis, avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris, 75008

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שעות פתיחה

יום שני09:0019:00
יום שלישי09:0019:00
יום רביעי09:0019:00
יום חמישי09:0019:00
יום שישי09:0019:00
יום שבת09:0019:00
יום ראשון09:0019:00

משך זמן

Typically lasts around 100 minutes

מה כלול?

  • Entrance fee
  • Half a bottle of champagne or wine, or soft drink

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Lido Paris

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Show + Half Bottle Champagne - 21H


€ 115€ 85
Show + Half Bottle Champagne - 23H


€ 100€ 85
Show + Glass Champagne - 21H


€ 85€ 75
Show + Glass Champagne - 23H


€ 85€ 70